West Chester University Fraternity Presentation – April 23, 2019

When: April 23, 2019

Where: West Chester University, Chester County, Pennsylvania

What: Sigma Alpha Epsilon (SAE), Tau Gamma Chapter hosts an annual event in which the fraternal organization collaborates with a non-profit or charity of their choice to raise awareness for a social cause. This year SAE Tau Gamma teamed up with Into The Light as part of their pursuit of Suicide Awareness. Artemis presented to West Chester students and engaged them in the mental health conversation. In addition, she taught those who attended about Into The Light’s mission.

Testimony: “I have been in college for a full 3 years now and there is a clear stigmatism surrounding mental health and young men and women feeling scared or nervous to share their feelings. Into the Light helped our fraternity to take a step in the right direction and taught us that it’s not just ok to share your feelings, it is necessary. The statistics highlighted pertaining to suicide were eye opening and something that we are proud to now help prevent. The feedback from our community was amazing and we are thankful that Artemis came to West Chester University and got us to take a step into the light.”