Rutgers De-Stress Event – Dec. 12, 2018

When: December 12th, 2018 

Where: Rutgers University, Busch Campus

What: Rutgers Athletics and the Rutgers ITL club partnered for a destress event during finals week. Students made stress balls, played board games, colored, and received mental health resources.

“Rutgers Athletics had the pleasure of co-hosting an event with Into the Light to rid the stigma of mental health and help student-athletes in preparation for final exams. With the stress and anxiety that comes along with final exams, Into the Light helped Rutgers’ student-athletes relax, de-stress, and fuel up for this difficult time of year. By having Into the Light partner with Rutgers Athletics, student-athletes were better equipped to not only take on their finals, but training and competition as well. By having such a strong organization elevate awareness, engage, and build trust among student-athletes, there will be a continued positive affect on Rutgers Athletics.” – Dimitri Demos, Rutgers Student Athlete