Red Bank Regional High School Health Class Presentation – Feb. 6 & 7, 2019

When: February 6th and February 7th, 2019

Where: Red Bank Regional High School

What: Sophia presented about Into the Light’s mission at Red Bank Regional (RBR) High School, encouraging students to reach out to mental health professionals & to visit the Source, the mental health center at the high school. Sophia explained that while it is important to have close friends to confide in, friends are not trained professionals and do not have the clinical training counselors and therapists have. There are always options, even when one feels like there aren’t any.

“Sophia, of Into the Light, did an incredible job at presenting to Juniors at the high school where I am employed as a counselor. Her presentation combined extremely relevant information in regard to mental health issues, as well as personal antidotes that left the students riveted for more information. She spent time exploring what stigma is and why it’s critical to seek support when you or a friend are struggling. Sophia explored ways students can become more active in their communities and be the ambassadors for positive change. As a result of her presentation, many students identified their need for support to the counselors. We would gladly have Into the Light back to speak with the rest of our student body and look forward to future partnerships.” – Stacy Liss, Licensed Clinical Social Worker