What is your name?

Michael Eulner

How old are you?


Where are you from?

Shrewsbury, NJ

What year of college are you in?

Freshman at the University of South Carolina

What has made you so passionate about mental health?

I became passionate about mental health when I started to realize how important mental health in everyday life and that so many people in our world are greatly affected from it, both directly and indirectly.

What you have done to make an impact in your community?

Last year, I started the Ridge Road Run 5K for Suicide Prevention in Rumson, NJ that brought together three rival high schools together for a bigger cause.

How do you think your work has positively impacted your community?

I think I made a great impact in the local communities and high schools by raising over $118,000 and raising awareness to such an important topic that cannot be ignored any longer.

How are you going to incorporate your mental health work through college, and beyond?

I plan on continuing the Ridge Road Run and also working with Into the Light. I hope to start getting more involved on my campus to raise more awareness at the college level.

What can you tell others who are struggling with their mental health?

If someone is struggling with their mental health, I can talk to them and see where they are at mentally and emotionally. Also, I would possibly recommend going to speak to a professional so they can help with any major problems. I think it is important to get all the help you can, especially now a days where people have a great amount of pressure, responsibility, and expectations in life, especially at a young age.

What is your favorite mental health quote?

My favorite mental health quote is “One day I want to wake up and matter: not to you, or the world, to myself.” I think this is a great quote because it goes to show you that self-acceptance and appreciation can lead to a great, happy life and it is important to love yourself.