Middletown South High School Presentation – April 12, 2019 & June 10th & 11th 2019

When: April 12, 2019 & June 10th & 11th 2019

Where: Middletown High School South

What: Middletown South hosted Into the Light for 11 presentations about shining light on mental health. Artemis and Sophia presented to the Civic Leader Classes and all the junior health classes with an engaging powerpoint, which included interactive polls, partner exercises and coping techniques.

Student Testimonials:

“This presentation was definitely was the best suicide awareness awareness. You guys really shined light on this situation because so many people are affected and if it so important to make people comfortable talking about it.” – Ally Alessi, Student at Middletown South”

It makes me so happy knowing that someone actually cares enough about this subject to create this organization to help the youth. It truly inspires me showing me that spreading the word on important topics is possible.” – Chloe Gantside, Student at Middletown South