Marine Academy of Science and Technology Presentation – March 4, 2019

When: March 4, 2019

Where: The Marine Academy of Science and Technology

What: Into The Light presented at the Marine Academy of Science and Technology high school. We spoke to the seniors about mental health and the transition to college. Students learned about the change they might experience during their big next step in their journey.

College is not always easy and it is important to reach out to your family when you need them. Into the Light taught about the stigma that exists on campuses and the importance of breaking the stigma and receiving the proper clinical help if needed. Students were engaged and participated in conversation and in online poll questions.

As a School Nurse and Health Educator at MAST, I found the Into the Light presentation to be highly effective. Artemis used a variety of educational techniques to present the topic: Mental Health and transitioning to College. She was extremely well spoken and relatable, and the students learned a great deal from her and her team. I will definitely schedule them again.