Into the Light Run/Walk 2017

When: September 23, 2017

Where: Cook Campus, Rutgers University

What: 1,600 people attended; students, friends, faculty, & community members to support, bring awareness, and create a safe and comfortable environment to spread awareness and encourage people to get the help they need.


  • Depression battler James Murphy
  • Ph.D psychologist Stephen Chece
  • Olympic trampolinist Steven Gluckstein


Live band, food, body painting, and more!


From last year’s event: 

“As a 4 year Rutgers student and member of the Greek Life community I took part in countless charity movements during my tenure. Before Into The Light, mental health awareness was not as widely talked about on campus as it needed to be.  But since the inaugural Into the Light walk last year, mental health has become a top priority. I cannot wait to see the impact this foundation will make in the coming years ” – Pat Meehan

“Walking at Into the Light was an experience I will never forget. It was a chance to see the friends I have struggling with Mental Illness participate in something they felt few people cared about.  It was a joyous event and I can not wait for more!” – Zaniah Sharkey

“Participating in the first ever Into the Light walk/run was one of the most memorable experiences of my life. It’s was so inspiring to see how many people showed up in support of mental illness awareness. Before Into the Light, I was unaware of how little knowledge our society has on mental illness and how little attention we give it. Thanks to Into the Light, I can proudly say I am a strong supporter of the mental health community. I am so grateful for the Mazzini’s and their willingness to continually show support for those struggling and their passion to end the stigma. I am counting down the days until the next Into the Light walk/run!” – Jaime Plumaker

Event open to everyone, including your pups!