CrossFit Event – Jan. 12, 2019

When: January 12th, 2019

Where: CrossFit Treehouse II Red Bank, NJ

What: CrossFit Treehouse II Kindly hosted an hour of high interval intensity workout for community members and donated all proceeds from the event to ITL. Erica Pulido, CrossFit TreeHouse owner & trainer demonstrated the importance of exercise and mental health. Erica explained that getting through the hour of intensity during a CrossFit Exercise relates to getting through a hard time in daily life. Emotions will pass and exercise helps you believe that you can get through anything.

“We had a group of people come in and work out for a good cause focusing on bringing light to mental health. High intensity physical activity such as CrossFit is beneficial to the mind and body. CrossFit builds your muscles and endurance, builds your metabolism, prevent disease, and improves your mood. The Into the Light/CrossFit event exemplified that if you can through a CrossFit workout, you can get through anything.” – Erica Pulido, CrossFit TreeHouse Owner & Trainer